Folegandros is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands of Cyclades and definitely an alternative wedding destination. Its bohemian atmosphere with the romanticism of Chora and its medieval colours mostly fascinated our wonderful couple Joel and Catherine, leading them to the decision of travelling from Australia to Greece to celebrate their wedding and exchange their vows for endless love. A dreamy and at the same time simple and chic wedding, perfectly curated by Lafete, was the absolute choice for such a landscape. Our handsome groom Joel and our stylish bride Catherine vowed their forever love in the main square of Chora, a scenery completed with the magnificent sunset colours under the scents of the shrubs of thyme and oregano. The traditional mood of the wedding perfectly harmonised with the tremendous scenery of the island, following by an unforgettable party with our couple’s families and friends, was what exactly they had dreamt of. The puzzle of this amazing day was completed by enjoying a photo shooting in the successive charming squares and full of purple bougainvillea labyrinthine alleys perching on the edge of the vertical cliff.